Policies & Terms


Using our website, including making a reservation or purchase with our designated reservation system, signifies your assent to these terms and conditions (“Terms”) of Memory Lane Inn. If you do not agree to these terms, please leave this website or do not make any reservations. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections at any time, without notice, to this Site (www.memorylaneinn.com). You agree to check these terms and conditions periodically for changes. Your reservation following the posting of changes to these terms and conditions will mean that you accept those changes.


These Terms and Conditions are binding between Memory Lane Inn (“I”, “we”, “us” and “our”) and the person, people, or organization visiting the premises or submitting a reservation with us (“you”, “your”, “guest”, “party”, “group”, “hostess”). “Property” and “premises” refer to any of the properties owned by Memory Lane Inn.

Capacity to Act

By making a reservation with us, you warrant that you are above 18 years of age (or 16 years of age or older accompanied with a parent or legal guardian), you have authority to bind your group, and you have the capacity to act in accordance by law and you are not legally disqualified to enter into agreement as provided by law.

Lease Terms

By visiting and/or making a reservation with us, you agree to abide by the following:

  1. Check-In / Check-Out – Check-in is 6am. Check-out time varies with each property and can be found on that property’s reservation page. Your check-in and check-out dates & times will also be sent to you via email as part of your reservation confirmation. There is a Friday & Saturday night minimum stay on weekends, however, guests staying Friday and Saturday stay Thursday for free.
  2. Deposit – A $250 deposit is required to confirm your reservation and will be charged to your credit card upon submitting your reservation online. Deposit funds must come from an individual who plans on signing the rental agreement and is ultimately responsible for any reservation changes or damages for their group. We will not split deposits between multiple guests. Normal wear and tear is expected, however, any excessive damage to the Inn, its contents, the property, or anything on the property will be repaired and the repair bill will be sent to you and must be paid within 30 days of receipt.
  3. Payments
    1. Balance – The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival date, or immediately if arrival date is within 30 days. Amount due will automatically be charged to your card unless you contact us beforehand requesting otherwise. If we are unable to collect the amount due in full by this time (credit card authorization was denied, check returned, etc), your reservation may be cancelled and any monies paid may be forfeited. We will contact you before cancelling your reservation and try to help!
    2. Refunds – If a refund is requested on any amount paid, other than on a cancelled reservation (such as an overpayment or a duplicate payment), a processing surcharge of 6% will be deducted from the amount refunded to cover our merchant fees.
  4. Cancellations / Rescheduling
    1. Guest Cancellations
      1. More than 120 Days from Arrival – Full or partial reservation cancellations, location transfers, or date changes greater than 120 days prior to your arrival date are eligible for a full refund of any money paid towards the reservation minus a 10% cancellation fee per person being cancelled (based on the billed room rate per person, before any discounts or credits), or the total deposit paid, whichever is less.
      2. Between 120-46 Days from Arrival – Full or partial reservation cancellations, location transfers, or date changes between 120-46 days of your arrival date are eligible for a full refund of any money paid towards the reservation minus a 20% cancellation fee per person being cancelled (based on the billed room rate per person, before any discounts or credits), or the total deposit paid, whichever is greater.
      3. Within 45 Days of Arrival – Full or partial reservation cancellations, location transfers, or date changes within 45 days of your arrival date will result in no refund given and full balance due immediately.
      4. Partial Cancellations – A partial reservation cancellation is defined as one or more guests in your party being removed from an existing reservation.
      5. Cancellation for Yourself – If you wish to cancel yourself, the entire reservation will be cancelled, without the opportunity for partial cancellations, due to the reservation being in your name and your previous acknowledgement and acceptance of this binding agreement.
      6. Chef Service – Optional chef service is fully refundable if cancelled at least 2 weeks before your arrival date, otherwise no refund will be given.
      7. COVID-19 – We align with major hotel chains and AirBnB policies regarding COVID-19 cancellation policies, which is that we have no special cancellation policies due to COVID-19.  After the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected, therefore our cancellation policy will apply as usual.
    2. Cancellations by Us – Should a reservation be cancelled by us, due to no fault of our own (flood, earthquake, hurricane, etc), your reservation and any monies paid will be deferred to another weekend of your choice within the following two years. Should a reservation be cancelled by us, by our own choice, and you do not wish to reschedule, all monies paid will be refunded in full.
  5. Occupancy – All rates are per person and based on full bedroom occupancy. If you reserve a room that accommodates three guests, you will be charged the rate of three guests regardless of the number of guests actually staying in that room.  If you occupy or otherwise utilize a room in which you did not previously reserve, you may be charged for that room.
  6. Discounts / Credits
    1. Any type of discount requested by you or your party should be redeemed during booking, but must be redeemed and applied to the reservation prior to any payment being made towards that guest’s balance due; otherwise a 6% credit card processing fee will be deducted from the amount of the discount/credit to cover merchant fees imposed on us.
    2. Discounts cannot be split between multiple people.
    3. Special policies apply for reservations with discounted rates.
    4. When a person reserves all rooms in the house, they may be eligible for a free stay for that same weekend. The reservation must include all rooms on a single reservation to be considered for the free stay.
    5. You are responsible for entering any eligible discount codes at the time of booking.
  7. Frequent Stay Rewards Program
    1. To enroll in our Frequent Stay Rewards program, the guest must create an account at MemoryLaneInn.com. Each guest is responsible for tracking and entering in their own reservation numbers while logged into their account. After the guest has paid for and checked out of their reservation, they should log into their account and add that reservation number to receive credit. The reservation number can be obtained from the person who made the reservation, or by contacting us.
    2. To redeem a reward, it should be noted on your reservation at the time of booking. At the latest, it must be requested and credit applied to the balance on the reservation prior to any payment being made towards that guest’s balance due; otherwise a 6% credit card processing fee will be deducted from the amount of the discount/credit to cover merchant fees imposed on us.
    3. For a reservation to be eligible for our Frequent Stay Rewards program, it may not be cancelled, transferred or otherwise invalid. The guest must have paid for the reservation in full before their scheduled check-in date, and owes no monies after their scheduled check-out date.
    4. Compensated reservations, either previously credited/waived or redeemed as part of the Frequent Stay Rewards program, are not eligible.
    5. All Frequent Stay Reward redemption requests require verification and approval. We will make the final decision and notify you accordingly.
    6. Frequent Stay Reward entries and credits are associated to an individual and are non-transferrable.
    7. Frequent Stay Rewards have no cash value.
    8. One free stay entry per person, per reservation.
    9. One Frequent Stay reservation entry per person, per reservation.  Multiple entries for the same reservation per account are not allowed – you cannot receive credit for other guests, whether they attended or not.
    10. In the event a balance is past due and we cannot collect after multiple attempts, we reserve the right to deactivate any associated Frequent Stay Reward accounts, void all prior stays on the account, and deny future redemptions.
    11. Reservation cancellations where a Frequent Stay Reward was redeemed will have that free stay reactivated and eligible for another reservation. Cancellation fees still apply.
  8. Seat / Bed Reservations – We do not reserve specific seats and/or beds for individuals so as to allow you to find the one that fits you best upon arrival.
  9. Payments – For payment, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal and business checks, money orders, and cashier checks. Payments can also be made online with a credit or debit card.
  10. Returned Checks – A $35.00 return check fee is assessed when a check is not paid by the bank on which it is drawn.
  11. Smoking – We are a smoke free facility. Smoking is permitted outside only.
  12. Age Minimum – Guests must be 18 years of age or older, or 16 years of age or older accompanied with a parent or legal guardian unless an exception has been granted for you in advance.
  13. Candles – No candle burning or open flames of any sort in the house.
  14. Pets – No pets or animals of any kind.
  15. Storm / Road Conditions – No refunds will be given due to storms or road conditions.
  16. Liability – You are fully responsible for any damages that occur during your stay, and release us from any liability for any theft, damage or injury associated with your visit.
  17. Contractors – Choice of caterer, massage provider, or any other sub-contracted services are all subject to our approval. Unless prior arrangements are made with us, contractors are not allowed to enter the premises without you or somebody from your party being present. All service providers must be able to provide proof of Workman’s Compensation Liability Insurance for their employees. You expressly assume responsibility for any damage to the Inn, its contents, or the property caused by the contractor you select.
  18. Assumption of Responsibility
    1. We do not assume any responsibility for any items left by you or your party, caterers, or contractors. You are responsible for removing all articles brought in by you during your visit.
    2. Food, drinks, soaps, plants, insects, or any other allergen source made available at our property may contain or have been in contact with wheat/gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy or other allergens. We are not responsible for allergic reactions while on our property, either from allergen sources provided by us, you or other guests sharing the property.
  19. Copyright Infringement & Digital Millennium Copyright Act – In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (“DMCA”), you are prohibited from infringing, publishing, submitting, copying, uploading, downloading, posting, transmitting, reproducing, or distributing software, video or audio content, or any other material that is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, any other type of intellectual property rights, trademark laws (by rights of privacy or publicity) or other proprietary right of any party unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consent to do the same. This prohibition includes the use of any material or information including images or photographs that are made available through the internet. We assume no responsibility, and you assume all risks, regarding the determination of whether material is in the public domain, or may otherwise be used by you for such purposes. If we are notified that such prohibition occurred during your lease, you will be billed for any fees, penalties, or other costs opposed on us due to such action, in addition to all costs required to reinstate our internet service. In the event our service provider terminates our service and refuses to reinstate our service due to such prohibition, you will also be billed for any lost income due to cancelled reservations resulting from a lack of internet service on the premises for up to two weeks from the date of loss of service, or until new service is obtained, whichever occurs first.
  20. Access to Premises – We reserve the right to enter the property at reasonable times, including but not limited to:
    1. Address an emergency
    2. Perform an inspection of the property
    3. Make necessary repairs
    4. Show the property to contractors or government officials
    5. Post a notice either under the landlord’s lien law or when demanding possession in an eviction
    6. Remove an unauthorized guest or animal from the property
  21. Eviction – We reserve the right to evict guests for any reason, including but not limited to:
    1. If a guest does not pay or lacks the ability to pay
    2. If a guest overstays beyond the dates and times specified in the reservation contract
    3. If a guest allows a person onto the premises that is not part of the original reservation
    4. If the party has exceeded the maximum number of guests as defined in the reservation or  exceeds the occupancy limit
    5. If a guest has made serious, intentional damage to the property
    6. If a guest smokes inside the property
    7. If a guest has an unauthorized tenant or animal on the property
    8. If a guest appears to be under the influence of drugs, displaying disorderly behavior or otherwise creates risk of harm to employees, other guests, or neighbors
    9. If a guest sublets
    10. If a guest has violated the law

    In the event that an eviction notice is issued, you must vacate immediately.

  22. Attorney’s Fees – In the event that it is necessary to retain an attorney to enforce the terms of this Lease, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees & count costs required to do so. All legal proceedings must take place in court location designated by us.

  23. Waiver – All rights given to us by this agreement shall be cumulative in addition to any laws that exist or might come into being. Any exercise of any rights by us or failure to exercise any rights shall not act as a waiver of those or any other rights. No statement or promise by us shall be binding unless it is put in writing and made a specific part of this agreement. By placing a reservation with us, you hereby state that all questions about this Rental Agreement have been answered, that you fully understand all the provisions of the agreement and the obligations and responsibilities of each party, and spelled out herein. You further state that you agree to fulfill your obligations in every respect or suffer the full legal and financial consequences of your actions or lack of action in violation of this agreement. You accept the conditions on behalf of the party who will reside on the property on whose behalf we are duly authorized to make this agreement.


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NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE: If you have had a negative experience with a vendor mentioned on our web site, we urge you to contact them directly, and follow up with us so we are aware. In the event of business fraud, contact the Better Business Bureau. We will not be involved with any mitigation, negotiations, or settlements.

ASSUMPTION: We do not assume any liability arising out of the use of vendors or their products mentioned on our web site. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions, and accept no liability for incidental or consequential damages arising from using any of the vendors or their products or services mentioned on our web site.

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how we use and protect any information that you give us when you use this website.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from October 1, 2007.What we collect

We may collect the following information:

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What we do with the information we gather

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Statute of Limitations

Regardless of any statute or laws to the contrary, you must file any claim or cause of action arising out or related to the Website within (1) one year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred. This section shall survive termination of this agreement.


  1. If any provision of this Agreement is adjudged by a court to be void or unenforceable such provision shall no way affect any other provision of this Agreement, the application of the provision in any other circumstances or the validity or enforceability of this Agreement and such provision shall be curtailed and limited only to the extent necessary to bring it within legal requirement.
  2. You have read, fully understood all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to your visiting or making reservations through this Site. No additional provisions are expressed nor implied. This AGREEMENT supersedes any all previous oral and/or written, express and/or implied agreements. By visiting this site or making any reservation, YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTOOD THIS AGREEMENT and ACCEPT ALL TERMS, CONDITIONS, COVENTANTS AND RESTRICTIONS, and WITHOUT EXCEPTION.behavvsdfdsfdsfadsfasdfdsfsdfasdfasdfsdafasdfasdf