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  It doesn't seem like that long ago (although it has been well over a decade since digital photos became more common than film) that I would take my film to the store and anxiously wait for the pictures to be developed. Once one hour printing was an option I ALWAYS paid extra to get it done in an hour because I am impatient! Things are much better now that I can see the pictures immediately on my phone or digital camera. I have recently started learning more about photo editing and now I am impatient to get the pictures on my computer and start editing! One of the benefits of digital photography is that you do not have to get all the pictures you take printed just to see what you have. Now you can choose only the...
  If your kids (or grandkids) are anything like mine, they love looking at pictures of themselves and their loved ones. My kids also love taking pictures with my phone and my camera. Needless to say, I have A LOT of pictures saved on my phone and computer. My middle son is always asking me to take pictures with him so there are numerous selfies of us on my phone. I decided to make him a scrapbook full of the selfies along with pictures of our family and friends. He is a rowdy five-year-old, so the scrapbook has to be durable and portable. As I searched the local craft store for materials that would work, I found a chalkboard banner. A photo banner sounded like a great idea because it can be used in multiple settings such as birthday p...