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Mini Scrapbooks

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My mother-in-law has a beautiful table behind her sofa where she displays some of her most prized possessions. Among the keepsakes, there is a ceramic bear from Germany, a photo of herself with her mother and sister, and a mini-scrapbook. The scrapbook was a gift from her oldest daughter sixteen years ago. When my sister-in-law became a mother, she decided to make a mini scrapbook for her mom called the ‘ABCs of Motherhood’. The pages are full of snapshots of the children throughout the years with cute phrases that coincide with the pictures, such as ‘A is for Attitude.’ The scrapbook is simple but it is full of meaning and memories for my mother-in-law.

                There are numerous reasons to use a mini-scrapbook as opposed to the typical 12x12 scrapbook. For the scrapbooking novice, mini-scrapbooks are a great place to start without getting discouraged with the process. Mini-scrapbooks are also a quick and fun way to commemorate a specific life event. My favorite reason to choose a mini-scrapbook is to make it as a meaningful gift for loved ones.

Mini-scrapbooks are an easy way to get started. If you are just getting started scrapbooking, it can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start and there is a lot of planning that goes into making a large scrapbook that chronicles your kid’s entire childhood. Mini-scrapbooks can be made on any topic and can inspire you for your bigger projects. For example, if you have a child who loves soccer you can make a mini-scrapbook full of soccer memories. You can include the professional team pictures from different seasons and snapshots you took at games throughout the years. It is not necessary for the pictures to be dated, or even be in chronological order. When the scrapbook is around a theme like this, it’s more about the memory of playing soccer and less about the details of each game or season. Choose a theme or topic that inspires you to get started.

                Mini-scrapbooks are a way to record special events. There are some events in our lives that deserve more than a couple of pages tucked away in a larger scrapbook. In those cases, a mini-scrapbook dedicated to a specific event is a great way to store those memories. When I was in college, my grandfather decided to take the entire family, twenty-eight people, on a cruise to celebrate his 80th birthday. Every single member of the family was able to get off work and school for the cruise. That was a once in a lifetime event! We ate together every evening, went on excursions together at the ports of call and even performed an original song and dance in the talent show as a surprise for my grandfather. An experience like that is perfect for a mini scrapbook. Mini-scrapbooks are an excellent way to chronicle other events such as anniversary trips, birth stories and graduations.



                Mini-scrapbooks make a great gift. The mini-scrapbook my sister-in-law made for her mother has become a prized possession. It has been displayed in my mother-in-law’s home for sixteen years! It can be both fun and simple to make a mini scrapbook that is very meaningful for the recipient. In college, when my husband and I were still dating, I made him a mini scrapbook as an anniversary gift. I wrote it like a children’s story and created characters that represented him and I. Throughout the story I ‘illustrated’ it with pictures of him and I throughout our relationship. The pictures were not in chronological order and I did not write any commentary about what was happening in the pictures. I was simply a book about us. Of all the anniversary gifts throughout the years, that scrapbook is the most memorable.




                Are you thinking about making a mini-scrapbook? Give it a try on your next visit to Memory Lane Inn and share your ideas and creations with us!

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