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How To Make a Photo Banner

Posted by on in Projects



If your kids (or grandkids) are anything like mine, they love looking at pictures of themselves and their loved ones. My kids also love taking pictures with my phone and my camera. Needless to say, I have A LOT of pictures saved on my phone and computer. My middle son is always asking me to take pictures with him so there are numerous selfies of us on my phone. I decided to make him a scrapbook full of the selfies along with pictures of our family and friends. He is a rowdy five-year-old, so the scrapbook has to be durable and portable. As I searched the local craft store for materials that would work, I found a chalkboard banner. A photo banner sounded like a great idea because it can be used in multiple settings such as birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, etc. The chalkboard is durable so I can use it as a banner and then easily convert it to a sturdy and (almost) indestructible album for my son to keep.



Gather your supplies. You will need a sturdy surface such as chipboard, chalkboard, or wood in a small size like 4x4 or 5x5-the number you need depends on how many pictures you plan on using. The surface should have a hole in at least one of the corners or be thin enough for you to punch holes in it yourself. You will also need twine or a metal hook to connect the boards, a foam brush, paint pens, a small roller to smooth the paper and photos, Mod Podge and any scrapbook paper or embellishments you want to add.


I used stencils and a paint pen for my script so I decided to write and decorate before adding pictures. It was easier to cut the pictures down than to adjust the size of the lettering.


Choose picture and scrapbook paper combinations that you like and cut them to size. Stick the paper down by using a foam brush to cover the back with Mod Podge and pressing it down onto the chalkboard. Once down, use the roller to smooth out any bubbles. Allow to dry and then repeat the process with the photo.


After everything on the chalkboard is dry, use the foam brush to cover it all with a thin layer of Mod Podge. This step always makes me nervous because it seems impossible that the coating will dry clear. Try not to panic! It will dry clear! Allow it to dry completely and then add another coat. I plan on giving this to a five-year old, so I will apply several coats of Mod Podge for added durability.



When the banner is complete, string it up with twine or ribbon and use it as a party or playroom decoration. Once the party is over, connect the boards together as an album and give it to your favorite little one as sweet keepsake.